Questions about transport

  • Do you live in the neighbourhood than the easiest and cheapest way is to bring it by our technical service.

    Don't you live close? The best way is to send your equipment by post. We will bring you in contact with UPS regarding the return shipment (see "transport")
  • We are happy to welcome you during office hours to bring by or collect your equipment!
  • We can send you packaging in which you can put your equipment. In this packaging you will find the label as well as instructions to be able to simply send us your equipment.
  • MacRepair offers the following modes of transport:

    1. During office hours you can drop off or pick up your equipment at our store, whenever suits you.

    2. You can send your equipment to us yourself and we will bring you in contact with UPS regarding the return shipment (see "transport").

    3. UPS can take care of your shipment; you package your equipment yourself and we will arrange you can set a time with UPS to come and pick it up. The return shipment will be dealt with by UPS (see "transport").

    4. We can send you a package in which you will find all you need to send us your equipment. Return shipment will be dealt with by UPS (see "transport") Sending by post or UPS always entails a limited risk for which MacRepair can't be deemed responsible.

    For all methods of transport you can chose online when you want your equipment delivered or collected.
  • If needed we can send a MacRepair technician. Obviously this a more costly option than the regular modes of transport. Look at the product of your choice to see the costs or contact us.
  • During the order process you can choose for us to send you a package. Additionally you can choose the address and date you would like to receive the package. This also applies for the return shipment. Very flexibel!

    Look at your chosen product for details.
  • Off course it is!

    At your product of choice you can select that you take care of the packaging and shipment yourself. You can than select the transportation of your choice. On top of that you receive an interesting discount!
    See the product of your choice.
  • You choose the option 'Transport arranged by UPS'. We will submit your package to UPS after which you will receive the necessities to make your own appointment that suits you. The same applies to the return shipment! See "transport" for more information.
  • Off course this is possible!

    When completing your order you can simple give different addresses regarding pick up and return shipment. If you want the invoice to be sent to a different address that is possible as well here at MacRepair.
  • At step 4 you are able to precisely what date you want you equipment picked up or delivered.
  • Unfortunately shipping is not without risks. MacRepair can't solve this. If, for your mode of transport, you choose us to do it for you at least you can be guaranteed a quality service like UPS takes care of it. If UPS makes an error MacRepair will help you to try and get the damage(s) claimed. We will help you as much as possible! That said, Macrepair is not responsible for damage or loss during transport (see "transport").

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