How to pay at MacRepair

  • The following payment methods are available in our store:

    1: Pin, we prefer this method. Quick and easy, with receipt.

    2: Direct deduction, if you bring identification we will automatically deduct the amount from your bank account within 10 working days.

    3: Cash, it is possible to pay cash but we prefer, from a security point of view, you choose a different method.
  • Payment is easy even when we visit you:

    1: Direct deduction, we will take your identification details and we will automatically deduct the amount from your bank account within 10 working days.

    2: Invoice, you confirm your identity and we will send you an invoice which is to be be paid within 14 days.

    Unfortunately cash payment is not available for our home/work visits.
  • Online we have an array of payment methods to make it as easy as possible.

    The prefered method; quick, easy and safe. Pay from your own internet banking environment. Obviously MacRepair offers this method. Your data will be sent by a secure SSL connection.

    Credit Card
    The classic way of paying. It is sill used often so we provide the payment method as well.

    Would you rather authorise us, one time, to deduct the agreed amount from your account? This is possible at MacRepair. You have full control and if there is any irregularities you can always stop the transfer.

    Are you having internet banking problems or would you rather remain in control yourself? No problem, you can transfer the amount yourself to our bank account.
  • If paying with IDeal is not working try one of the following options :

    1: Close your browser and start again. Go to and start from scratch.

    2: If restarting your browser does not work than try a different browser, preferably FireFox.

    3: If both options above do not work wait for a few hours, there might be a technical issue with IDeal, than try again.

    4: If none of these options work please contact MacRepair. See our contact page to see all the ways you can contact us.

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