On good manners

Techies are also humans and like to be treated as such. . .

We know that repairing your beloved Apple device may be associated with emotions.
Also getting bad news about your cherished Mac is certainly no fun.
It can occur occasionally to come home and your equipment immediately does not work well or after a short time symptoms re cur , or things don’t work the way as you thought you had made it clear to us.

You may think active along with us, be articulate and critically.
As Dutch we are used to that attitude so don’t be afraid to tell us what you do and do not want.

We are techies often do this work all our lives. With exceptional knowledge, integrity and most importantly nothing less in mind to minimize the cost and to make you happy with your Apple device.
Note that we are the oldest, largest and highest rated technical service for nearly 20 years for Apple devices in the Netherlands!

However . . . . . . yell, call us out as hustlers, throwing things, threatening with lawyers, blackmail us with bad reviews, without any consultation (anonymous) flaring us in forums, accusing us of incompetence to force of rebates, etc. etc. etc. Really does not motivates us to have a listening ear towards you.
It only shows your bad manners, makes your arguments weaker and makes us less motivated to help you.

Are not you happy, do not feel understood, or think things do not work well, come to us and make this clear in a way you want to be approached and treated yourself.
Check out the review sites and check out our reputation, also how we deal with disputes!
We will go out of our lengths en do anything for you to make you happy again with your Apple device and with us!

So please keep this in mind and keep your impulses under control.

And now back to work!

MacRepair Netherlands

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