MacRepair gifts

Repairing "My Mac" is an emotional issue for many customers. To ensure that your Mac not only works perfectly but you're behind your machine with a smil, we have some gifts that we can hand you if you visit us or order online.

MacRepair candies appleflavour
These delicious handmade Antistress dragees, naturally in apple flavor, are specially manufactured for us by Papabubble. When you taste one of those candies you will guarantee smile.

MacRepair sugarfree chewinggum
For those who prefer no sugar, we also have a sugar-free version, in taste peppermint.

MacRepair CompleteClean
For years, one of our most popular gifts is our own brand screen- and complete cleaning. The mild but highly effective cleaner removes all types of stains and together with the wipes it diminishes visibility of damage to the screen considerably.

MacRepair Sleeves
Absolute top are our laptop and iMac covers. Both design and manufacturing takes place in-house. This beautiful and very solid sleeve you will get when we repair your laptop or iMac.

iPod and iPhone Pocket
The iPhone is slippery so it easily slips from your pocket and fall damage can occur. A rubber skin, many people find unappealing. That's why we have this pocket designed for you.

iPod and iPhone Skin
For people who prefer to use a pocket we have a rubber skin.
This skin ensures that the iPhone is no longer "smooth", but still can be fully controlled

MacRepair icebubes
This gift even puts a smile on the face of your friends as you serve the apple-shaped ice cubes in their drinks. With this apple ice cube you show to your friends that you are a real Apple fan!

MacRepair dogbowl
Anyone who knows us knows that we love dogs and four-legged friends are always greeted warmly when visiting our technical service. If you visit us for the first time with your dog, do not be too surprised if we hand over this green food and water bowl with our logo.

MacRepair Backup kit
Making backups is really important. It is of the utmost importance that you make backup copies of important data such as addresses, recent projects and correspondence. One of the ways to achieve this is this free backup set that allows you to easily create a backup CD or DVD. With the simple instructions you can't go wrong. To anyone who does not back yet we hand over this set.

MacRepair goodluckcharm weed (clover four)
Luck with your Mac's what we sincerely wish you, and with this four-leaf clover kit you can grow your own happiness. Guaranteed greenery fun! Please contact us, or book your repair online now.

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