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MacRepair has a number of websites for their online presence. These have been developed in .net,  and have a wide spectrum Functionality and are in various ways (directly) related to our backend. These sites are developed and managed by an external company.
MacRepair now wants to realize a number of new concepts and develop their own platform.

You are going to develop these different concepts on one technical blueprint. Based on this blueprint will they be published through different themes. There will be a link to the backend for products, orders and customer data.

You're an all-round Magento developer with a preference for the back end. You are experienced, and of course are familiar with Magento 2.x
You can work independently andfor matters that reside outside your immediate area of ​​knowledge you realize solutions in collaboration with other specialists.
You have achieved a number of smaller and larger projects and / or been part of a team of developers.
Are you sure you're able to independent build a completely new platform for a company with a clear strategic vision. MacRepair has a front end that clearly offers added value compared to its competitors and a comprehensive link to the backend to ensure processes with a minimum of overhead. You'll be able to achieve this same distinctiveness in the new platform.

After reading this you already feel an itch to get started.
For a good impression of the desired functional capacity of the site, the current MacRepair a good impression.

Want to get started?
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